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Antonia Forest Fans
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23rd-May-2016 08:15 am - Of interest, I hope

Found when tidying my drawers at the weekend. DM me for fuller scan.
27th-Jan-2016 07:47 am - Convalescence
Colin Sell Fan
I've written a short Patrick centred piece set during his recovery from the accident. It can be found at my journal (link below). I think it is the first time I've attempted to write about the Marlows, and was inspired by Josephine Tey's Daughter of Time.

20th-Jan-2016 12:56 pm - Fanfic about Rowan
I wonder if someone could kindly point me to the fanfic where Rowan is sitting in a pub with someone (a Renault character?) and talks about being attracted to a woman at college? I'd love to read it again - have searched through but can't find it.
22nd-Nov-2015 06:02 pm - Fanfic - spare prompt.
There were a few unclaimed prompts after the AF ficfest. I have been amusing myself having a go at the one about Nicola having to sing for money - I don't know who suggested it but for whoever it was it can be found on my LJ !

3rd May 2016 Edited To Add: Twenty-seven 'chapters' later and this is all but finished; I want to send a big, belated thank you to   mheloyse for prompting Philip Scott for the fic fest last summer and helping me fill fill many a boring moment over the past nine months or so!
28th-Sep-2015 01:41 pm - School certificate, history of
Hi - I have a friend who is writing a pre-war school story and who wants to be historically accurate. She would like to know whether the School Certificate, in about 1938, could be taken at Christmas, or was it strictly summer only? Thanks for your help in advance knowledgeable people!
27th-Sep-2015 09:27 pm - The Thursday Kidnapping
I'm currently re-reading The Thursday Kidnapping with a view to starting a Trennels readthrough shortly, if no one objects to this.

If anyone would like to contribute any chapters, perhaps they could post to this thread.

Copies of The Thursday Kidnapping are currently on sale on Amazon for around £15 - £20 if anyone needs one to join in. There are many interesting parallels and comparisons to be drawn between TTK and the Marlowverse, so I am hoping the readthrough will prompt Marlow-based discussion, as well as discussion of the novel in its own right.
27th-Sep-2015 08:27 pm - Antiques Roadshow
We've just had a Nelson autograph letter on Antiques Roadshow, making a gift of a sheep to a naval officer! The naval officer accepted the sheep with gratitude, took it on board, it ended up in the Battle of Trafalger, survived the battle and was duly taken back to Devon where it was crossed with local Devonshire sheep and sired an award winning line! (I imagine Nicola pushing Rowan to see whether they could get the line interbred into the Trennels sheep.)
26th-Sep-2015 01:38 pm - Patrick's education
Trying to write a fic inspired by some of the recent AO3 additions and a nitpicking community post that came up shortly after. I've re-read Peter's Room and AT, but can't find my copy of RAH.

Am I right that in RAH, Patrick has been dragged to interview at Broomhill and tutors have been suggested, but nothing is confirmed other than the plan to sit his O-levels that June, which will be the same time as Ginty?
Will he still be 16, or turned 17 by then?

Prior to that, he was at his hated London day school from some time after Falconer's Lure to December in Attic Term, so is that one year and a term, or two? I think it's two and a term, so he would have been just turned fourteen and entering third year mid-year? (UIV, as Kingscote and my school would have it)

Presumably he was at a boarding school before that? Would he have been at a prep and then a Catholic boarding school for one year age 13?

Meanwhile, Dartmouth for Peter has the problem of not existing by RAH - is there any mention of Peter doing O-levels there? I'd like to think they push him towards science and practical qualifications and generally not being on their boats, just designing them Somewhere Else. I'm assuming he's then one year behind Ginty and one ahead of the twins, education-wise.

I don't recall either of their birthdays, but have an impression Peter's is spring and Patrick's summer - anyone know?

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22nd-Sep-2015 04:33 pm - This has to be liveblogged
I am literally watching a woman at this very moment hawking (large handsome hawk with dark chestnut back and wings and a broad white band across the top of its spade-shaped tail and sparrow-hawk pattern of "fingers" on rounded wing ends, not sharp like a peregrine or kestrel and perhaps a white bar on the end of the tail) across the square at Old Trafford Cricket Ground. It's amazing (and completely serendipitious - I'm here for the Venturefest event.)
Since the readthrough I have been thinking about the series as a whole, because it's the first time I have read all the books in order from beginning to end. It seems to me that the series could have stopped at Cricket Term and existed as a perfectly complete, 'finished' series. It comes to a natural close at that point:-
The older characters - Lois, Jan, even Val, have all left the school. Marie has died. Lawrie is acknowledged as a special actress and her future is secure with the Prosser. Nicola is accepted as a good sportswoman, player and coach, and will no doubt soon join the Prospects and one day end up Games Captain. Rowan is running the farm, Karen is married with children (after a fashion!), Ginty and Patrick are established as a couple - in actuality if not spelt out in words. So, no loose ends, no dangling threads, no unanswered questions.
But then Attic Term and RAH stir everything up. A crack appears between Ginty and Patrick, allowing Nicola to become the third point in the love-triangle. Esther runs off leaving everything up in the air between her and Nicola. A gulf seems to be developing between firstly Ginty and the family, and Ann and the family. Catholicism moves centre-stage and Nicola is interested in it. Now there seems to be all sorts of potential stories developing, and lots of unanswered questions.
So, I wonder: how many people first tried reading or writing fanfic, because after AF's death they were never going to know what happened between Nicola and Esther when they met again? Or wanted to know if anything would develop romantically between Patrick and Nicola? Have the loose ends left us all desperate for more in a way that perhaps we wouldn't have felt if the series had closed off neatly after Cricket Term?
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