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Antonia Forest Fans
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Discussion of the Marlow novels by Antonia Forest
This community is for discussing the works of Antonia Forest; her twelve books
about the Marlow family are her better known, but if anyone has read the very rare
Thursday Kidnapping they're welcome to discuss that too.

All are welcome to participate, but if you don't have a LiveJournal, and don't want to create one or use OpenID, then please sign your comments with your name or nickname. Three Anonymouses discussing together gets very confusing for everybody. If you'd like to make a post, but don't have a LiveJournal, contact thewhiteowl or coughingbear to have it posted for you.


Girls Gone By Publishers, currently republishing the Marlow books

An Antonia Forest website.

Girlsown, a mailing list for girls' school stories

new_atalanta and girlsown: LJ discussion communities for juvenile girls' literature.
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