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Originally posted by coughingbear here, I just cut and pasted because LJ doesn't seem to want to let me make other peoples' posts sticky!
16th-Feb-2017 05:48 pm - How Trennels was built.
I know this has been brilliantly covered in fanfic, but I have been searching back through old threads and can't see that it has ever been discussed in a thread here. In Peter's Room we are told as a casual aside, that Trennels was built by a Joshua Marlow, who made his pile in the slave trade.
Presumably this is historically likely. No-one got to build a house like Trennels without doing something dubious at some point; if not the slave trade, then employing children in the mines / being a slum landlord / driving small farmers off their land etc. Maybe AF was inspired by a real life stately home that she'd visited that had been built using money from the slave trade.
My question is this really: why did AF toss this fact into the story at all? Would an original child reader have queried how Trennels existed? There seems no need to mention it at all.
Peter is romanticising Malise at the point where he thinks about Joshua. Is the mention of one dodgy ancestor meant to alert the reader to the possibility that Malise might not be all he seems?
Is it a sneaky dig at the Marlow's Protestant forebears? Patrick's ancestors were busy being martyrs for their faith and suffering discrimination for being Catholics - but look what the Protestants (with their Protestant work ethic and all) did?
Is it too much of a stretch to wonder if AF had Mansfield Park on her mind, given MP and PR's themes of play-acting and love triangles, and indirectly answered the question of whether the Bertrams were slave-owners?
What do the younger Marlows think about living in a house built with slave money? Peter seems to think of it as accepted and unremarked family history. The entail means of course that they can never wash their hands of it, but do they ever have any sort of conversation about it? (And yes, this will be my prompt for the summer fic fest if we have one again!)
22nd-Nov-2016 05:28 pm - Autumn Term
I have just discovered, randomly, this blog, with an 8-part read-along of Autumn Term.  Don't know if anybody else has come across it, but it seems worth a read.
16th-Oct-2016 09:48 pm - Fic
One of the unused prompts for the summer fic exchange was about the Marlows having children. I haven't written that prompt exactly but I have written a few scenes about Nicola and her children, including a new, longer one posted today. All on my LJ.
5th-Oct-2016 05:17 pm - Yuletide
Just to let people know that the Marlows series is eligible for the Yuletide fanfic exchange this year, with the nominated characters Geoff Marlow, Pam Marlow, Peter Marlow and Giles Marlow.

Yuletide sign-ups continue until Monday 10th October at 9am (UTC).

Information about Yuletide can be found here.
For TMATT aficionados, a bit of Pathe 1948 footage showing the daily routine at a Lancashire lighthouse, including filling up the oil in the lantern and polishing the reflectors.
I found myself pondering this in between my summer holiday reading. One of the favourite features of the AF books is the references to books the characters are reading / have read; and many people, like myself, seem to have tried new authors simply because Nicola was reading them.
Although the series crept into the eighties most of the books they mention are from previous decades, apart perhaps from Nicola's book token buy in RAH? So, I started to wonder, if AF had kept writing until the present day, what books would the Marlows be reading now?
Would Karen have found escape from her own strained family set-up in the dysfunctional families of Anne Tyler?
Would Ginty have adored the Hunger Games, seen herself as Catniss and enjoyed lots of lovely fantasies about hiding out in a cave with Patrick, nursing his injuries and kissing him as much as possible?
Would Nicola have enjoyed the archeological detective stories of Elizabeth Peters? Presumably she'd have been keen on Patrick O' Brien, as AF was.
I don't suppose Rowan gets much time to read - a page or two of a Dick Francis or one of his successors, before falling asleep at night. What might she take on holiday if she ever gets the chance?
And Rose, having read everything in the Trennels playroom, will be a fan of Jacquelin Wilson. Will Chas like Harry Potter?
I'm stuck on Lawrie. I'm thinking she might be into some of the Youtubers' spin-off books; that's if she ever has time to read any more, what with spending all her time on Youtube watching make-up videos?

I'd be interested to know what other books people think they might be reading now?
The collection is closed and the authors have been revealed. We had 12 stories this year from seven writers. Thanks very much to everyone who participated! If you haven't yet commented or left kudos on a story you enjoyed, please do so: it means a lot to writers to know that their efforts are appreciated.
A Crack in Everything (1671 words) by Anonymous
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: The Marlows - Antonia Forest
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Rowan Marlow/Janice Scott
Characters: Janice Scott, Lois Sanger, Rowan Marlow

Jan considers Rowan's decision to take up farming and her own feelings about it.


Please do leave feedback; it is by such that the fanwriter lives.

Just a reminder: I'll close and reveal the collection tomorrow (10th Sept) at midday (UTC).
7th-Sep-2016 03:58 pm - Coming early this year!
Nominations for Yuletide, the annual small fandoms exchange (What's that?) open on 9th September. Here's a schedule for Yuletide 2016, and here are the eligibility rules. The Marlows books (the Players books count as a separate fandom in AO3 terms) are all eminently eligible, and there's been some great Yuletide fic in years past.

You can make 3 fandom nominations and nominate 4 characters for each fandom. That means a bit of co-ordination is probably desirable to get a good spread of characters. Please feel free to discuss co-ordinating Forest-related nominations below or at the yuletide nominations post here. Nominating doesn't commit you to signing up, so if you're still undecided, think you might only want to write treats &c. you can make nominations. You will need an AO3 account to make nominations, however.
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