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Originally posted by coughingbear here, I just cut and pasted because LJ doesn't seem to want to let me make other peoples' posts sticky!
14th-Aug-2016 12:00 pm - More prompt meme fic
More fic in the prompt meme; a fascinating look at Miss Cromwell's life outside Kingscote.

Bread-and-Butter Reading (1654 words) by Anonymous
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: The Marlows - Antonia Forest
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: Miss Cromwell (Marlows), Miss Latimer

Miss Cromwell's eminently respectable avocation.

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12th-Aug-2016 12:01 pm(no subject)
Maidenhead? And sharing AF with one's children.
August 12th, 11:59
Apologies if this has been discussed before but I can't find any references. I'm reading AF aloud to my daughters, 11 and 9. I was worried they'd find the novels too esoteric and wordy, but so far the novels have been a surprising - and very gratifying - hit with both, to the extent the 11-year-old told me she couldn't sleep for thinking about Lawrie and Tim. I think I'll skip Thuggery, Attic Term (too much Catholic and lerv stuff)and prob RAH, as not great, but am very much looking forward to the next two school books. Has anyone else shared AF with the next generation?

Reading aloud also helping me notice things I missed during countless childhood rereads and during the read through two years ago.

On which note, in chapter one of Falconer's Nicola says they were bombed in Hampstead during the war, had to move to Maidenhead and only moved back at half term. To paraphrase Nicola's pov on this: 'Maidenhead's all right, it has the river, but it's not London."

This would mean that they moved in the middle of the summer term of the twins' third form, yes? Which means in Autumn Term, the half term interlude, which I took to be in Hampstead (I haven't got my copy to hand to check) was actually in Maidenhead?

Can anyone explain?
29th-Jul-2016 09:19 pm - More prompt meme fic
Another industrious writer has posted this delightful fic to the prompt meme:

Rose's Father, Closely Observed. (2758 words) by Anonymous
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: The Marlows - Antonia Forest
Rating: Not Rated
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: Edwin Dodd, Rose Dodd, Chas Dodd, Fob Dodd

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14th-Jul-2016 06:05 pm - Marlow moments.
Anyone else have brief moments of excited recognition when you hear or see something that you recognise from the Marlowverse? I had one this morning when Sarah Cox on the radio referred to that 'old Victorian phrase - Never apologise, never explain,' and I thought 'that's what Lawrie said to Nicola before the Cricket Match', and my drive to work was considerably brightened up.
Nicola and Lawrie didn't know who famously said it, but hoped it might be Churchill, as I remember.
Owing to the doziness of your mod (mea culpa) the box to keep works in this year's prompt meme collection 'unrevealed' was left unchecked, meaning that one industrious contributor's story has already appeared. Sorry! I suggest that we leave things as they are, so that the stories will appear as they are posted, meaning (with luck) a gradual drip feed of Forest fic over the course of the summer, rather than a big feast at the end. I did, however, manage to keep the collection anonymous, so we will have a reveal of authors on the 9th September, as planned. The collection will close on the same day, so you have until then to pick up prompts and write. Do leave kudos and comment on the stories as they appear -- authors should be able to reply to comments and stay anonymous: comments by the author will be listed as from 'Anonymous Creator' (I hope.)

My apologies again! I hope nobody is too disappointed, and that you'll still enjoy writing and reading.

Meanwhile, here's the first story in the collection:

Kingscote School Speech Day 2016 (1110 words) by Anonymous
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: The Marlows - Antonia Forest
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply

The new Bishop of Streweminster returns to school.

master mistris
Sign-ups for this year's challenge will close tomorrow, 27th June, at 8pm UTC. You can sign up here.
Sign ups continuing for the fanworks fest until June 26th: we've seven participants and 29 prompts so far. Drop along and see if there's anything you'd like to claim. The collection is now open for posting, too.
1st-Jun-2016 03:47 pm - Fanfic.
I have attempted the north face of Everest a story about Rowan. Link here - http://jackmerlin.livejournal.com/16184.html
or just my user name should work.
This year's prompt meme is open for sign-ups. Sign-up form is here.

Rules and guidelines:

You must have an AO3 account to participate. You can get an invite code here. The waiting-list is currently short: about 2 days.

For those unfamiliar with AO3 here's the AO3 FAQ dealing with collections and challenges, and here's the specific bit dealing with sign-ups for prompt memes on AO3.

You must specify at least 1 fandom in each of your prompts: you may specify (up to) all three Forest fandoms and 6 characters in each prompt.

You may make up to 6 prompts. They may be as detailed (or not) as you like, but somewhere in the middle hinterland between 'anything at all about anyone at all' and a detailed plot outline for your Ginty/Patrick/Giles crime caper with bonus tentacles tends to get best results. State clearly any non-negotiable Do Not Wants: e.g. underage sexual content.

The default setting is an anonymous prompt: you can de-anonymise your prompt if you wish. Anonymity is not absolute: in a small fandom like this, it is probably a bit compromised from the start.

You may prompt for art or fic. If prompting for art, please use the 'optional tags' section and enter 'fanart'.

Works may be of any length, but must be complete. It's fine to do minor edits (typos, changing a few words or adding a sentence) after posting and before reveals, but please don't post placeholder works.

You may claim as many prompts as you like and feel able to produce work for.

There can and may be multiple claims on the same prompt.

There are no restrictions on content or rating, but obviously, do try to be respectful of your requester's prompt, especially their DNWs. Ratings and Archive Warnings can be helpful, but Choose Not To Warn is sometimes the only possible option too.


Nominations: from today, 17th May. The tagset is here.
Promotion: Please feel free to promote the fest in your own journals and on other social media platforms. I'm not on Facebook, so I'd be particularly grateful if someone who is on the Forest community there would promote it.

Sign-up Opens: Fri 27 May 2016, 10:00AM UTC (11:00AM BST)
Sign-up Closes: Sun 26 Jun 2016, 08:00PM UTC (09:00PM BST)
Collection will remain open until 7pm UTC on 9th September for you to post works in response to prompts.
Assignments Due: Fri 02 Sep 2016, 08:00PM UTC (09:00PM BST)
Works Revealed: Sun 04 Sep 2016, 08:00PM UTC (09:00PM BST)
Authors Revealed: Fri 09 Sep 2016, 08:00PM UTC (09:00PM BST)

Any questions, just comment or PM me!
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